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Wikifolio Q1 2021 Performance

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Today I want to share the Q1 performance of my Wikifolio "Picks and shovels plays"

Even through the rough times of March my wikifolio showed high resilience and achieved ytd results of +56.10 % in Q1 2021. See screenshot below (Performance seit Jahresbeginn = year to date performance)


MSCI world 11.30 %

NASDAQ 4.32 %


Best trade:

I took some profits on AMERICAN MANGANESE INC. and sold a small percentage of my position.

Result: +819.2 %

Worst trade:

I Had to sell my complete Odonate Therapeutics position with a loss of 8.7% because they announced that after meeting with the FDA they concluded that the clinical data package for their drug tesetaxel is unlikely to support FDA approval. Therefore, Odonate is discontinuing the development of tesetaxel and will wind down the operations of the Company. Fortunately for me I only had a small position of Odonate.

You can see all the realtime data (position sizing, trades, performance, etc.) of my Wikifolio here. You just need to register to have access. There are no costs involved to see the Wikifolio.

My Wikifolio will become investible during the next weeks. I will notify readers of the blog once that happens.

Wishing everyone Happy Easter Holidays!





Dennis Raisch
Dennis Raisch
Apr 04, 2021

Great results! excited to invest as soon it is possible :) - max. success for the next quarters to come.

Apr 04, 2021
Replying to

Thank you. Much appreciated!

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