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[Interview] SmartUp Talk: Winter is coming!

The long-awaited recovery rally on the stock exchanges started during the summer. But just as quickly as the prices rose, they crumbled again. The lows are dangerously close today. Do investors now have to prepare their portfolio for the next crash? Or is now exactly the right time to enter the year-end rally? In the wikifolio SmartUp Talk, wikifolio portfolio managers and capital market experts discuss the immediate future of the stock exchanges and, of course, the best return opportunities that are now available for every investor.

The US investor Michael Burry achieved world fame through the film "The Big Short". He had predicted the 2008 financial crisis and bet against the inflated US real estate market in advance. Even recently he was not one of the bulls: In the past second quarter he sold most of his stocks. In mid-August he tweeted: "Winter is coming".

Is he right about that? How big is the risk for share prices from inflation, rising interest rates or the gas crisis in Europe? Hasn't all this been priced in long ago? Where are there now entry opportunities to make the portfolio fit for the rally after the bear market?

Wikifolio SmartUp Talk will provide the answers to these questions and more. The renowned financial journalist Jessica Schwarzer talks to Martin Utschneider, Head of Technical Capital Market Analysis at the renowned private bank Donner & Reuschel, and the successful wikifolio portfolio managers Christian Jagd, Christoph Klar and me about the stock market and how investors can prepare their portfolios for what will happen in the coming months. Please find the webinar recording (in German) below.



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