Get inspired by my trading strategy is Europe’s leading social trading platform, an Internet platform that allows experienced investors to implement and publish their trading ideas in wikifolios.
The platform can be used free of charge and I have created a public portfolio (a wikifolio) there called "Picks & Shovels Plays". By follow-ing this wikifolio you will be able to follow my strategies and see my trades. It also gives you a complete view of my position size balancing. As Wikifolio is a platform from Europe and uses Lang & Schwarz for trading, not all of the stocks that I mention on my blog are available there. I also have a private portfolio where I have stocks I cannot trade on wikifolio.


It is possible to invest in my wikifolio as it is traded on German stock exchanges as a certificate. You can imagine this similar to an actively managed ETF. All the details can be found on However, you don't have to invest, but rather can just use it as a source of inspiration. In addition, you will be able to see my track record verified by a third party.