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🇩🇪Launch of my German language website🇩🇪

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I am happy to announce that I launched an additional language version of Going forward new blog posts will be published in an English and German version. As most of my readers know, I am German and based in Germany. To kick off the blog, I focused on a global audience first and published articles in English only. Over time I also built up an audience in Germany. In addition, my "Picks and shovels plays" wikifolio is mainly traded by German based investors and I want to use the momentum to grow my audience and investor base in that market further.

On the desktop website you can switch between the language versions by clicking the button in the top menu next to the country flag.

On the mobile version you have to click on the three white lines to open the menu.

As I have to manually translate the already published English articles, I will only translate the most relevant articles and publish them in German over the coming weeks.

Currently my plan is to translate the following articles:

  • How to get exposure to China's growing uranium demand - CGN Mining

  • ImmunityBio (3 articles)

  • The Hidden champion of Lithium-ion battery cathode recycling: Recyclico Battery Materials Inc.

  • Silex Systems: 3rd generation laser uranium enrichment technology

  • Why vanadium stocks should be on your radar right NOW

  • Why this strategic acquisition could lead to a bidding war for Bannerman Energy

  • CyberOptics: How to benefit from the semiconductor industry growth (incl the update I published on Aug 11)

  • [Uranium] Portfolio Update: The empire strikes back

I will also publish some brand new content soon. If you are not already a subscriber, please subscribe to my blog and follow me on twitter (@ShovelStocks) to be notified of new content.

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