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[Interview] Exciting developments in Nuclear Energy | Mark Nelson - Radiant Energy Fund (2/2)

Updated: Jul 13

After part one of my recent interview with Mark Nelson received great feedback, we sat down for the second part. We cover topics like Washington's new appreciation of nuclear energy, Advanced nuclear, Thorium, CANDU reactors, Fuel reprocessing & developments worldwide.

Mark Nelson is focused on All energy all the time and saving nuclear plants with his organisation Radiant Energy Fund. He is also consulting on Energy & strategy with his Radiant Energy Group.

Website: https://www.radiantenergyfund.org/ Twitter: @energybants

The company Mark mentions during the interview is called Clean Core Thorium Energy.

He also mentions that the new CANDU reactor fuel bundles are orders of magnitude smaller than the conventional reactor ones. Here is a picture of him holding a CANDU reactor fuel bundle.

Source: https://twitter.com/energybants/status/1514958648056893450?s=20&t=e0LGJbS1aR-Z8fT_v_QMPg

Audio only version:

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00:00 Reignited appreciation of nuclear energy in Washington

17:00 Clean Core Thorium Energy & CANDU reactors

37:00 International developments

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