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Interview: Investing in the Uzbekistan Stock Market

Recently I had a nice discussion with John Polomny from Actionable Intelligence Alert. He interviewed me about my investor journey, investing in microcaps, why I started a brokerage account in Uzbekistan, which sectors to invest into in Uzbekistan and close of the conversation with my interest in Biotech stocks.

Please find the interview below. There are two short breaks because of a glitch in the internet connection, but I think all the info comes across.

For those that want to deep dive into the topic and find out more about the public Uzbekistan stock market, I would recommend the following content:

If you want to get the contact details of the broker I use, please reach out to the contact form on my website or write me an email: andreas@shovel-stocks.com

Disclaimer: None of the above content is financial advise. Please do your own research before taking investment decisions.

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