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[Interview] Investing in Biotech Stocks: an experienced private investor shares insights

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

In this interview I talk with Joe, a private investor from Southern California, about investing in biotech stocks, his lessons learned and why he is bullish on ImmunityBio (IBRX).

Audio only version:

Joe's username on stocktwits: Ypestis


00:00 Intro & background

07:50 Reason for his interest in biotech in the 90s

13:30 Lessons learned out of his successes & biggest failures

17:35 Process how to evaluate companies he wants to invest in

26:00 Importance of management team's track record

32:00 Why he is bullish on ImmunityBio

40:00 Topics he is researching right now

42:10 Outlook on ImmunityBio

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Disclaimer: This blog post is purely my personal opinion and is not financial advice. Please do your own research, before taking investment decisions. I am long IBRX. No payment or other incentives were received in exchange to produce the interview.

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