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+1.0 % YTD - wikifolio Q2 2022 performance

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Today I want to share the Q2 performance of my wikifolio "Picks and shovels plays"

Q2 2022 was a true roller coaster ride and one, if not THE toughest quarter of my time in the stock market ever. This should come as no surprise, as we just witnessed the worst first half of a year in the stock market over five decades! In these tough times I am proud of having managed the portfolio to reach a result of +1 % YTD (net performance, dated 6/30/22) while the broader stock market tanked -21 %. This is another proof point to me that active investing works (especially in these volatile times) and picking the right stocks in the micro/small cap area that are under followed leads to out performance.

The wikifolio had some high points during the quarter with being up more than 25 % YTD in early June. However, throughout the quarter massive volatility in the markets was triggered by rising inflation numbers, rate hike- and recession fears.

To give you an idea of the volatility: The quote of my wikifolio rose to an all time high of 236 € on April 19th, fell sharply to a low of 176 € until May 12th, rose to 215 € until June 7th, only to fall again to 172 € until June 23rd.

I am delighted to announce that my wikifolio has already recovered during the first two weeks of July with a YTD net-performance of +7.0 % (dated 7/15/22).

All time chart Chart (since Dec 2020) comparison featuring the Picks and shovels plays wikifolio (green) and NASDAQ (yellow).

Please find all the relevant Q1 KPIs for my wikifolio below. The performance shown for Picks and shovels plays is the net-performance (fees are already deducted).


Picks and shovels plays +1.0 % (on 7/15/22 already +7.0 % )

S&P 500 -21.1%

NASDAQ -30.3%

Picks and shovels plays KPIs

You can see all the real time data (position sizing, trades, performance, etc.) of my wikifolio here. You just need to register to have access. There are no costs involved to see the wikifolio.

The Picks and shovels plays wikifolio did IPO in June 2021 and can be traded on the German exchanges "Boerse Stuttgart" and "Lang & Schwarz". The net-performance since IPO in June 2021 is currently +24.9 %. In comparison the NASDAQ performance since 6/1/21 is -18.6 %.

146.766 have already been invested (including my own money). Many thanks to all investors! If you want to invest, please visit wikifolio, register and find all information there.

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