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My name is Andreas, I'm in my early 40s and living in Munich, Germany. 


The idea behind this blog is simple: During the last years I started to write down my research about companies I might invest in and started to share my thoughts on Twitter threads. The exchange with other investors always gave me great additional insights and in turn my research was beneficial for like minded investors. That is why I decided to start my blog, in order to leverage a long form format to share my thoughts with others.
In regards to my investment background, I started with the typical tech megacaps, but since 2019 in particular I have increasingly focused on life sciences, microcaps, energy and commodities/mining stocks. Investors like Ian Cassel, Peter Lynch, Rick Rule & Andre Kostolany have become a huge inspiration to my style of investing & speculation. During the last 7 years I learnt a lot and have built up a significant portfolio which I aim to grow further in the coming years. My degree in Economics & Business Administration gives me the necessary theoretical basis for investing. However, my point of view on companies is particularly rounded off by my business experience. I have more than 12 years of professional experience in US tech / cloud / software companies and have first-hand experience in topics such as CRM /digitization / MarTech / AdTech / eCommerce / Cloud. As most of my work experience has been in sales, I had the benefit of coming into contact with a wide variety of customers and visited a lot of companies across various industries. The exchanges with their C-suite was always insightful and I learnt a lot from this first hand experience. I believe, my diverse experience gives me a considerable edge in stock picking over classic analysts and other traders.

Currently I'm focused on life sciences, energy, uranium and commodities. The ideas I will discuss on my blog will often be picks & shovels plays on certain themes, in order to minimize downside risk while still having high upside potential. However, this blog does not exclusively cover picks & shovel plays. As a disclaimer, please keep in mind that none of the content should be seen as financial advise. All the published content is my personal opinion only. Please always do your own research.

On some companies I publish multiple articles while on others there will only be one article. This should neither seen as bullish or bearish. Sometimes I just don't have more to share than my original thesis. I don't publish regular updates, please don't ask me for my thoughts on news, as I will not comment on these developments.

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